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Some pick-up questions


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What are the Angus Signature humbuckers like? How are they different from the 57 classics?


I have a '61 ri satin antique walnut and it came with 57 in the neck and 57 + in the bridge, is that what pick ups come in the regular '61 ri?


...and what are your favorite pups for an SG.. and why?




my SG is fast becoming my favorite guitar for overdriven tones... it's just sick what comes out of this thing! how can something so skinny have such a fat tone!?!?!?



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Here's a chart for comparative output.


57+ is pretty hot for a passive pickup.




57's in my 61' date=' I love 'em.



That's a handy little chart. I've been looking for something like that for Gibson pickups.


I still have the 57/57+ in my 61 RI that I bought about 5 years ago. I love 'em!

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The Angus pickup and '57 plus are similar, but the Angus has a bit more cut and upper-mid "air" to it. I like 'em both with a '57 in the neck, and the Burstbucker Pro set I put in my Historic are good too. But live the Angus pickup just eats through the mix well and has 2-ton balls.



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