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Can you help me ID this cherry red Epiphone with no serial ID? Currently used as a baritone.


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Hi all, nice to be here!

I've had this cherry red Epiphone for a long time now (perhaps 20 years). It was sold to me as a baritone guitar, strung with baritone strings.

I've been trying to identify the model, and the ID info on this forum is really useful, but I can't find the serial number or indeed any further information.

There's no serial on the back of the headstock or on the neck join plate.  

Can you give me any advice?

Many thanks! 


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What you have is an E Series (E Wing brand) Epiphone Les Paul Basher with a bolt-on neck (a student level guitar), it could be a Ltd Ed of some kind. Built in Korea most likely at the Unsung plant in the late 90’s to early 2000’s. The E Wing guitars are unusual because of the headstock shape and the logo.

It is very similar to the Epiphone Les Paul Special configuration  for value.

If you do a search for an "E series Epiphone Les Paul Basher" you may find some additional info.

I just acquired this 2001 E Series Epiphone Les Paul  Nuclear Crackle.gEc2xEh.jpg

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