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ksdaddy can you help me, Please


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Hello ksdaddy / I have a friend with an old Gibson Banjo - serial # 920-33 / can you link me to a web site that will tell me the year of this Banjo / my heart is in Guitars but I know little about banjos / I saw your web page with the little lady and a Banjo and I thought you might can help me on that / Is the Lady in your family? Nice Photo!


Thank You or anybody else for some information / I posted on the Banjo site but it looks like it is not used much.


Thank again for your help / God Bless - spanishoaknc


PS: I use to live in Lincolinville Center, Maine / A Beautiful State to Live in / Thanks! :-

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The serial number 920-33 is more likely a Factory Order Number (FON) or batch number. 920 would be the actual FON and yours would have been the 33rd one made out of the batch of 40 (typically).


Based on info found here I would guess it to be around a 1934. The FON 920 could have also occurred much earlier (around 1910) based on the info provided on that site but it's kinda important to remember Gibson didn't make banjos in 1910!

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