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Swapping Stock Casino Pickups for Lollar P90- I want to just cut the wires…

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I’ve bought an Epiphone Casino cheap and have decided to do some cheapish upgrades…

One of the tuning heads was bent so I bought some Kluson Revolution Locking Tuners to replace the old ones.

Also bought a Gotoh Bridge, new black toggle knob and some new Black Volume and tone knobs…

I’ve removed the white pick guard and had a look at the inside and the wire connecting to the stock pickups.

For speed I just want to cut the wire at the base of the stock pickups and bin them….and the wire that is there connect to the Lollar wire and get on with my life…I have no desire to upgrade the harness…I’m not using the guitar Live and it’s got limited resale value…I just want to record and get on with my life…:p

I read that Lollar pickups has an outside braided wire as its ground and no individual wire to solder?

So Lollar are single conductor? I’m no expert so was wondering how to connect the stock white wire left from the old pickup to the new Lollar wire…screw in the pickup back in and start jamming..



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You can just cut the wires at the pickups and splice in the new ones if you'd like.  If it were me I'd probably unsolder the old ones from the pots and solder in the new ones at the same points for a cleaner look. 

The Lollar pickups do use 2 wires, an outside braid and center conductor, kind of like a coax cable.  Here's an explanation and diagram from Humbucker Soup:  https://humbuckersoup.com/lollar-pickup-installation-guide/  Scroll down to the Vintage P90 Wiring section on the page for an explanation and diagram.


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Note that the Casino’s are true-hollow bodies not semi-hollow like a 335.

Casino’s use P90’s that have a 2 conductor cable, the center main conductor wire surrounded by a shielded ground. Also  in the process of installing Lollar P90’s you will need to remove the wiring harness and pots to be able solder-in the new PU wires to the pots.  As you remove the stock pickups that the P90 coil is soldered to the surface mount cover if metal, if black plastic cover they may be glued in. So you may want to get Lollar P90’s with surface mount covers. You will be fishing your harness pots and 1/4” jack out through the pickup holes using the F hole to help. Attaching g a coat hanger wire to the jack to help feed it back in when you reinstall.

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