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the other side

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On 11/30/2023 at 8:20 AM, the other side said:

Just curious if any of your IBG models came with bridge pin hole string ramps. My epiphone hummingbird 12 string has none but is excellent in sound and intonation is all spot on. I'll try to post picture if I can figure it out.

String ramps https://imgur.com/a/Dp6k2UR

Those don't look like they're ramped very much, if at all.  Ramping is usually done when the saddle has been shaved so much, there's hardly any break angle to the strings.  Ramping helps increase the break angle.  It's usually done to postpone an expensive neck reset.  Here's a pic of some ramping....


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Thanks. I just got through ramping the pin holes a little bit on every string. Not much room to ramp the larger strings on this 12 string. I had wondered if anyone else who had gotten a new IBG, if it came ramped from the factory. At least now, the strings have a little smoother break angle transition. I haven't seen every guitar in the world, but this is the first one I have ever seen without some kind of ramping.

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Yep, I can see em pretty good zoomed in. I just cut some in on mine changing my saddle. There must have been a new guy who worked on mine. Not only no string ramps, they sanded the bass side end of the saddle for length causing the very last high E to sit just on the outside of the last cut out, but still sounded great. (12 string IBG).

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