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Hummingbird bracing Standard vs Original


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I’m just looking to buy my first hummingbird which I’m super excited about. There seems to a lack of information on what bracing is used on the standard . On Gibsons website it states the original has “hand scalloped bracing”. It’s not mentioned for the standard.  Now considering both these guitars are at the same price point, I wouldn’t expect one to inferior to the other. I have the chance to get a standard (new) for £700 cheaper than I can get an original for. It’s in the vintage sunburst which I love. However I have concerns over getting the standard if the bracing is different and it does not sound as good as the original. Unfortunately I can’t try before I buy so l’m looking for help from you guys. Has anyone compared the original to a standard? Are there any construction differences between the two guitars ? Would appreciate your feedback 

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I remember 10 years ago - the Standard had slightly thicker back-braces than the so called the True Vintage then.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Be aware, , , check - and please report. Have a lucky hunt. 

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