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Hi I bought this guitar less than a year ago. It is buzzing all over the place and just won't stay in tune. I adjust the truss rod and nothing changes. It is brand new. I changed out the butterbean tuners for Grover tuners. no diff. I am Not a tech by any means. If I take it back to where I bought it;they will have it for weeks. anything else to try? I know this is pretty vague but I'm ready to give up and sell it.

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How's your humidity? Is it dry where the guitar sits? If you don't have a hygrometer, that's okay, just look at the top from the side. Does the top seem to be sunken in? Or flatter than what you'd expect to see? Run your fingers across the grain of the top and note if it feels like corduroy. You may just need to hydrate. 

Aside from that, have you changed gauge of strings? Gone lighter perhaps?

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