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My name is Oscar Pacheco and I have got a ES-175 few days ago, this have a wooden bridge and only one gold top pickup similar to the classic 57’ series. The serial number is a 5 digit serial number: 82294 

could you help me in order to know its manufacture year please and any other interesting data for??…where this guitar was made?

Here a link for some pics in order to make identification work easier for you!





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That 5 digit serial number should indicate 1962 (and possibly 1963 or 1964).  If that is the legitimate serial number, then the guitar was made in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Gibson produced fewer single-pickup models during those years as compared to the double-pickup version, but either way, a 1962 ES-175 is quite a desirable and valuable guitar.

Unfortunately, when I clicked on the link to your photos, the site I reached made me uncomfortable.  I clicked to agree to some sort of cookies or user policy, and was taken to some kind of download option.  It seemed very sketchy and less than secure.  So, I did not see your photos, although I would have liked to.  If there's any other way for you to share the photos, it would help to clarify what you have (of course).

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