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80’s Bass IV pickups and case question…


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Greetings Gibby bass lovers community!

I’m the happy owner of a 1987 Bass IV in pearl white (or is it alpine white? Both colors names can be found on price lists I’ve checked)

Obviously, this pretty rare bass is very poorly documented but I managed to find everything I needed but pickups and case info…(Mine came with a functional lambda hard case).

The pickups surely looks and sounds like thunderbird’s. I was expecting a good all big black gooped TB+ but no, they are pretty thin and not gooped, more like a traditional TB. I found a Japanese 88 catalog describing “2 black chrome humbuckers magnet loaded pickups”…

Magnet loaded pickups, interesting 🤔 😂

For the case, it seems those basses were delivered in a black teardrop hard case with dark blue plush interior. One or two pictures here and there on the net but nothing really detailed.

anything anyone on both subjects?



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My son still has a similar Q-80 from around the same time. Oddly, it came in a replacement case & we bought it in the early to middle 90’s. Maybe the cases were poor quality for a somewhat heavy bass……. A great playing bass.

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