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Potted Pups in Historics?


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Dear Admin or guru,


In my R7 GT (2005) I have factory fitted Burstbuckers 1 and 2's.


I read somewhere that when bought as aftermarket, that they are unpotted, but the Custom division wax pots those that go into Historics.


Is this the case?


Are the pups on my guitar potted or not?


Many thanks.

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your pickups are potted.

I had a feeling they were potted as they behave themselves brilliantly when gigging. Up to now I'd presumed (like a lot of historic owners do' date=' I guess) that they weren't potted. I live and learn.


Is there any reason behind the decision to pot them / sell the aftermarkets unpotted?


I was thinking of putting BB 1 and 2's into my Hamer, because I prefer the way they sound to the stock Duncan '59's. Is there any difference in sound between the potted/unpotted? If I buy an aftermarket set, will they be prone to squeeling? Will they sound the same?


By the way, who (or what) is PS in the 'wound by PS' ? Every BB I've seen so far on the net has the initials PS on it. Can't be the same person making all those pups can it? You should give him/her a payrise if it is, their productivity score must be well off the top of the chart!


I also saw, in an ebay auction some 'take-outs' that said Al V as well as the 'wound by PS' and #1, #2 on them. Would they be BBPro's?


Ebay Link


Am I right in thinking that the stickers on


BB's have "A2 wound by PS #1 (or#2) + PAF sticker


BB Pro's have "AV wound by PS #1 (or#2) + PAF sticker




Classic '57's have just the PAF sticker?


Please elucidate!


Finally, are both the classic '57's in my 1997 SG '61RI identical or are the neck and bridge set a calibrated pair?


Many thanks,





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i don't know for a fact what is potted and what is not as far as our aftermarlet pickups go. I know that initially the BurstBuckers were sold unpotted on the aftermarket, but my understanding is they changed to potted due to microphonic issues. my assumption is that all our aftermarket PUs are pottsed, but i might be wrong.


PS is most likely a person...


BurstBucker Pros are used mainly by Gibson USA, so i'm not sure what the stickers on them look like...but your descriptions of the other stickers are correct.


i don't believe we've ever sold calibrated sets of pickups...

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