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where did it go?


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ksdaddy's new parlor guitar acquisition thread...oops' date=' maybe I shouldnta said that... you didnt hear it from me :- [/quote']


I did see that one and, yep, it does appear to be gone. Wonder why.


Perhaps ksdaddy will tell us.

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Ummm.. I feel really stupid.


I deleted the post. Not on purpose of course, just the heat of the moment. Here's what happened. I had emailed the seller and offered them $100 and they responded that they would take $125. I responded to their email but NOT through ebay, requesting they send me a Paypal invoice. This morning I got up and when I checked my email I saw they hadn't invoiced me but they had relisted the guitar with a $150 Buy it Now price. I posted that info here and said I wasn't going to buy it after all; I thought they were just trying to squeeze another $25 out of me. I got to work and I stewed about it for a few minutes and decided to delete the topic altogether.


Later on in the day I fumed a little more, took a deep breath and emailed them (nicely) through ebay and asked them why they didn't invoice me, did the owner change his mind? They responded that they did not get my email and they immediately went in and dropped the buy it now price to $125 as previously agreed. I then immediately bought it and paid for it.


So that's the long and short of it, I was in a snit.


The legit auction

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