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Beyond belief.


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Popped into my local guitar shop yesterday and saw a guitar that would make your jaw hit the ground and not in a nice way. The owner told me that a guy walked in with it and asked him to confirm that it was a les paul standard. He had payed over £600 for It ON EBAY and what did he think? This was one of the worst fake les pauls that you could imagine. Ive only ever seen pictures but there even worse in the flesh. Everything was wrong the headstock shape , the body shape ,the gibson was all wrong ,all the hardware was crap and what looked like wood on top was in fact a transfer, even the serial no made no sence and made in USA was twice the normal size. The shop has put it up on display for all to see so people can see what the hell is going on out there. It was a shocker, bying gibson guitars of EBAY can be very very costly, dont get ripped off get down to a Gibson dealer were you can see what your spending your hard earnd cash on.

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