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Opinions on pedals?


A bit of background: I don't own any, because I haven't been playing for too long, and I thought that some new equipment would just distract me from building my technique. However, I've been looking at a few processing units--the Electro-Harmonix, Ibanez, BOSS, and Pigtronix demos I've seen online have led me to believe that they have some of the best.


However, the Electro-Harmonix line is limited, the Pigtronix line is expensive, and the Ibanez line seems even more limited (and I could be mistaken in all of these claims, which is partly why I'm making this thread,) which more or less leaves me with the BOSS line, which is expansive and, in some cases, relatively affordable.


I haven't tried any of them myself, but videos of them on YouTube suggest that they have some pretty good ones. I'm especially interested in the FZ-5, the BD-2, and the OC-3, but again, I haven't tried them.


Of course, because I feel like it's the most essential type of processing for someone who plays the kind of music that I'm interested in, I'm looking into getting a good fuzz pedal as my first pedal. Have any of you tried the FZ-5 or the Big Muff, and if you've tried both, how do they compare?


Eek, sorry this post is such a mess. I guess I thought that this was going to be a general thread about pedals, but it looks like I got a little self-absorbed--which is probably fine in this case.


Anyways, anyone have any suggestions, advice, or wisdom?

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Fuzzes are supposed to be the simplest pedals but there are so many variations that produce the ever so slight yet noticeable difference that you need to know exaclty what you want, RichCI is the forum resident expert on fuzz pedals.


I would love to get a fuzz that gave me the early Black Sabbath fuzz sounds.

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