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What is wrong with this picture?


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that carpet is just horrible! =D>/


i'm going with the bridge on the J100 and/or the magazine or whatever it is that's crammed in the sound hole (humidifier maybe?)

I might be wrong the J100 is the less blinging J200, no inlays on the fret board, maybe no mustache bridge too?

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They both look about right, all except the J-100 has a J-200 pickguard on it.


But otherwise:


-- the B-15 looks correct: narrow headstock, natural finish, screwed-on pickguard. Compare this:


-- the J-100 was maple thru 91, dot inlays, correct case, bridge is right, white label off to treble side. Just the pickguard. Might've been an "aftersale upgrade".



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What about the label inside the J-100?


Nothing. It looks "correct".


Here's a 1992 Starburst:




...with its white label offset to the treble side.


And your craigslist 1990 J-100:



...Again, with the label offset to the east a bit.


That's where they often placed them in the first few years.


So, I'm just saying that it looks correct.



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