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Another legend down - RIP Cocksy


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Too many have fallen by the way-side this year and last. And they all have connections to the mighty Tatts.


Pete Wells(who I've had the distinction of supporting and jamming with),Ian Rilen,Lobby Loyde - they lived and played hard.


RIP mate.







Funny bastard he was. Listen to it for a good laugh.

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maybe because no one has a clue who this person is..


[thumbup] If you've never heard of Rose Tattoo mate you oughtta pull your head out of your bum and start doing some studying.


G n' R for one owe their sound to them.


The world doesn't revolve around America,contrary to popular belief.

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I have to admit that I first read about Rose Tatoo in this Lounge' date=' a couple of days ago. I admit my ignorance and assure you that I will look up their work, as soon as I get a chance. [/quote']


YouTube's yer friend...


Some folks are no doubt familiar with this one from their first album since Gun & Roses recorded a cover...




This song is from that same album. Enjoy!



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