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Help with choosing a Gibson /SG VOS..ect..


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The Best..I liked where of course .;A Silverburstcustom..it seemed very heavy..

So I think I will buy in this shop....Their prices are actually cheaper if you ask them..Superb Shop with refund option

..I want a guitar with a slim neck..if possible Full .;body..Not chambered


Wich Beast would you ride?

Maybe this stunning..SG?

..The Iguana burst Custom?

I prefer a Black Slem necked Beast

If..u had.;or could choose 1 guitar out of this shop...max 2900 (with discount thats about 2400)

Wich would you choose?

Or will a studio/explorer do the job just as well?

How is sustain.;on a Bigsby.;Worse.;then..? or?

Thank you very much...I dont want to advertise..But.. Best and cheapest and very reliable shop too!

Wich one?Anyone has this SG?http://cgi.ebay.de/Gibson-SG-Standard-VOS-Reissue-USA-Gitarre-Custom-Shop_W0QQitemZ390131298239QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGitarren?hash=item5ad5a32fbf

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I see you're in Belgium but it's difficult to understand what you're asking here. Do you want an SG VOS, like the title says. or are you not sure what you want and all you know is you want a Gibson guitar?


A newer Silverburst Custom won't have a thin neck.


Tons of sustain will vary from guitar to guitar. You can't say ALL (for example) SGs have tons of sustain.


EUR 2 250, is that new? on eBay.com, they sell used for $1,500 US. It's probably much cheaper for you to import.


Explorers are great guitars.

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A few random pointers:


A Les Paul will be heavy if not chambred just like the Custom you said it was heavy, adding a bigsby will add more weight and add string tension.


Slim necks on Les Pauls are called "60's necks" based on the 1960 neck profile.


A lot of SGs have thick necks, the 61 SG reissue has a great neck profile very similar to the Explorer, the profile of the neck on these guitars is more flattened or a more shallow "C" profile.

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Thanx for the great info..well its The Sg VOS..thats going for about 2000 eutros

But Yeah..I prefer a slim necked..60 s standard...or a custom..cause they are Delicious..New...2 nd hand..



THE nicest' date=' slimmest neck I've EVER played was an original '61 SG custom (pic below). If the reissue is true to spec (I really don't know) then that'd be the one I'd want for a slim, fast neck.



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INDEED!!!!! Thats what I want...The re-issue.... what price??




LOL! You devil, you. I wish I had that original, today. The reissue looks like $1999.00 wherever I see it. Don't know about what it'd cost by the time it gets to you. Where's DeeVeeWee when we really need him?


Hey KRIS!!! (he's in Belgium, too)

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