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Bidding for '88 custom showcase


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Hi Guys. I'm bidding for this really nice 1988 custom showcase SG in ferrari red with gold hardware. Thing is I don't want to get carried away and pay too much for it. So what do you think it is actually worth?http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110479281685

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I'd say up to £1500 (approx. $2500 US) wouldn't be too out of line.


It is a rare piece, and one where the number of people who would want it exceeds the number available. Sometimes you get these limited editions that are certainly rare, but who the hell wants them. Face it, there are only so many people that will want to buy your purple sparkle Explorer. A red SG Custom with ebony board and gold hardware will likely always find a few buyers.


Just be aware, I wouldn't exactly describe it as mint. I noticed in the close-ups of the frets, you can see the little splits in the lacquer over the binding at the end of each fret. Also, the gold is starting to wear. Neither of these are big deals, just not "mint".


BTW, have you ever played a three-humbucker guitar? Depending on where you pick, it might take a little getting used to. If there's a well stocked guitar shop near you, you may want to try one out.


Good luck.




Oh, and here are a couple photos from the auction...







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Thanks for the advice guys. I've got about a week to mull this one over but I figure close to a grand and I will give it a go. I've asked the seller to send me the serial number and pot codes so I can check it out. From the pictures it looks legit, like you say it's not mint and it does appear to be about 20 years old. I haven't played a three humbucker model before but I do have a Strat and thats OK. I would see this guitar as part of my retirement fund, it would only be played in the house and looked after well.

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