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Any body had hands on time with Digi's - Eleven Rack


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Look like a cool unit for both recording and live play support using the Pro Tools LE or 8 and it is called now I'm ordering one I like the small footprint and it supports re-amping in a personal recording bundle. Sounds almost too good to be true especially at this price a complete recording package for under 900 bucks.


I'm interested in your thoughts on it when you get it.


The main competitor (while twice the price) is the Fractal Audio AxeFx. At this stage it's looking like the AxeFx is still the better buy, despite the price tag. The sound quality of the 11rack is very POD like and artificial imho. I think they got software engineers to design it instead of DSP engineers, and it shows. This may be fixed by future firmware updates, however.


The main thing I don't like about the 11rack is the PC editor can only be used within pro tools. There's no stand alone version and Digidesign has stated that there never will be. I don't like the idea of waiting 10 minutes for pro tools to fire up if all I want to do is practice.


If a pro tools interface is what you want though, there's currently no better buy on the market.

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