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I was able to do a side by side comparison of my two telecasters this morning and it got me thinking:


Why does the bridge pickup in the Limited Edition (1000 made) 60th Anniversary Tele sound so much more ballsier than the American Vintage '62 Telecaster Custom?


Answer—after talking to Steve from Fender's Customer Service—"The 60th Anniversary Telecaster has a Custom Shop '51 Nocaster pick up in it. Apparently the Nocaster pup was indeed "hotter" and it certainly sounds like it.


The '62 AVTC is a sweet instrument. It's wired so that it has a more modern sound too. There is no "dark circuit" like on the neck pickup of the 60th Anniversary model—which is cool and I do use it that way. There's just no "blended" sound from the guitar. It's dark, neck and bridge. The '62 is neck, blend, and bridge.


Again, the noticeable difference being—other than a few ounces—the CS '51 Nocaster pickup which I would recommend to anyone wanting a little more balls in their bridge pickup.


Also, just looking at the Specs that Fender sent me. The '62 is also an Ash-body guitar. I would have thought for sure it was Alder, but the specs say otherwise.


Back to the woodshed.

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