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RIP Hex cable, replacement batteries, and chargers now available at store.gibson.com

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International Issues amounting to mail fraud abound here


From a Dark Fire owner in the UK:


"Just had a delivery.


Ordered 2 x RIP Hex to MIDI Cable - GEN 2

1 x Dark Fire Transformer/Power Adapter - GEN 2


Received 2 x firewire cable

1 x Dark Fire Charger/Split Box - Generation 2




This has been a very painful experience, as ALL of us who ordered the 13 month delayed RIP Hex to MIDI Cable have received Firewire 400 cables instead.

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I just got a direct phone call from Vince in Customer Service at Gibson.


Gibson is aware of the "ship the wrong RIP Cable snafu" screwup! (finally)



They told me to go ahead and accept delivery of the Firewire cables, and that TODAY they will be shipping me a new package free of charge which will include the proper RIP to MIDI cables, along with a Gibson T-Shirt.

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Ordered 3 X NEW DarkFire Batteries the other day.


Received parcel from Gibson just now OK.....I shall have to seriously sensor / edit this post !


****Pleep Pleep Pleep Pleep Pleep Pleep Pleep Pleep Pleep Pleep Pleep Pleep Pleep Pleep****


Can ya hear me swearing ...............that I'm pretty good at


Date stamps on these one's delivered are 2008.......What a joke ! [cursing]


We are now in 2011 & you sell me at FULL price, NOT new one's


But....either OLD stock or one's from RMA'ed DarkFire's or left over's found after the flood.


Gee thanks a lot GIBSON ..........NOT HAPPY AT ALL :angry: :angry: :angry:


Have sent an email to Gibson for explanation with photo's.......saying 'Not Happy Jan'


NO reply as yet [thumbdn]


The one with wires on is the 'Freebie' I received before Xmas (which included wires) that has the same date stamp

as in my DarkFire on purchase on Oct 2009.


Now just gotta test run them.... Hope they work


You just lost a loyal Gibson supporter of new technology


Good luck with the so called 'FireBird X'...........Because you will surely need it [laugh] [laugh] [laugh] [laugh]



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Rest assured that they are not flood damaged or used. These were just recently made available to our Gear division for sale on the Gibson online store.


Also note that there was a misunderstanding regarding DF battery availability, they have not been discontinued and more are on order from the vendor.

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