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how many really like their their Robot LP?


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Mine is 1st Gen, and now that it's back from Gibson and working properly, I like it a LOT. It's a way cool mix of old and new tech, being a Robot Les Paul Jr. Special, with 2 P90s and a faded TV Yellow finish. The neck is sweet, in between the Classic Antique's 60's tapered and the Studio 50's Tribute's baseball bat like 50's profile. And it's got an awesome ebony fret board. A real solid feel to it, a finely made guitar (if the robot system were to fail for good, I'd convert it and keep it, the guitar is too cool apart from the robotics to let go).


And I got such an incredible deal on it, I sometimes expect they'll arrest me for theft [laugh] . No decent pics yet, but this is the guitar: (from Gibson's site).


Whats the fun in a self tuning guitar. What next a self playing robot guitar. Common guys learn how to tune your axes yourselves and stop being lazy. I know it takes a lot of time to tune-what about 45 seconds.

Most of this has been addressed multiple times by now, but I couldn't resist answering your question, "What is the fun"? For me, the fun is easily switching between not just two, but several different tunings very easily and quickly. And IMHO, playing regularly in more tunings makes me a better player (expanded horizons and all that). And I don't need dedicated guitars for each (how often do most players actually switch to more than just Drop D if they don't have a dedicated axe for the tuning?). But I really don't feel confident enough in the technology (yet anyway) that I'd gig with it without a backup (I don't gig currently anyway). And I wouldn't want the system on all of my guitars. But I'm very happy to have this one.

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