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After a bit of research and dissatisfaction with other tuners, I bought a Peterson Strobo Stomp 2 tuner.


This gadget is well worth the lofty price. I keep my 6 guitars out, always on stands and tune before I play. This is the most effortless, accurate way of tuning I have ever seen. It's like working with a laser beam while all the other tuners I have used, including the Boss TU-2 seem like blunt instruments.


Sorry about the short review as there are many features of this tuner to talk about - but check it out for yourself.


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peteresons are the best, hands down.


I have one of the first gen VS-1 strobes, I've had it for maybe 15 years now. It could do with a new LCD screen, there's a few "Burnt out" elements at the bottom, but it still works 100% fine.


having said that, I like the planet wave's mini headstock tuners, they don't have the "sweet" spot like the petersons do with the guitar temperment set, but they do work and are quite convenient, as they work of the vibration of the headstock so you don't have to plug in.


On the minus side,, they're really small easy to loose.. :) I've got three, and one of them, I can't find it anywhere..

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