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Something a little different....


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Ok so I know we all love the guitar....but i'm sure most of us like all kinds of music....I discovered this band about a year ago and i am addicted to them still....


They are called....let me get this right....Alamaailman Vasarat (Means Hammers of the Underworld in Finnish from what I have read)...


They are Drums, horns, and bass for the most part....really cool weird music. There's a little polka in it for sure...Really moody and bizarre...here's a sample:




I have all 4 of their albums....i highly recommend to anyone who likes moody, dramatic music....


Here's one more...this one has a creepy video put to it and it skips a bit....but you'll get the point...





I hope at least one of you digs it!!!

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Ha!! Glad you liked it....they refer to their music style as....




The wikipedia page said the same thing as you....."Much of their music is reminiscent of klezmer music."


Really cool stuff!!

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