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good idea?


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Pretty much everything.


- I hate the way they feel. That gaping space between the bridge and the fretboard makes picking awkward. They also sit funny at the waist. I tend to play with the guitar more sideways' date=' with it resting on my right hip. Strats are the only guitar I have played that is not conducive to that.


- Not a fan of the whammy bars they put in them.


- What I hate most is the sound that comes out of them. Always sounds like ***. Some of my favorite players (John Frusciante, David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townsend, Johnny Marr) favor them and it is only their epic playing that eclipses the crappy Strat sound.


- It is the weapon of choice for one of my least favorite types of music: contemporary pop blues. Watching Clapton's Cross Roads festival on Palladium is like stabbing my ears with a rusty ice pick.


I do speak from experience. In college I had a blue CIJ Strat. After six months of fighting with it for good sound and to get comfortable playing it, I sold it. That is the only guitar I do not regret letting go. From time to time I will pick up our space mates' American Strat just to see if I still feel the same way. Every time it is that same feeling.[/quote']


Hey, as long as you can articulate-


I personally love the things, SSS all the way for me. I actually like the body shape and do have it closer on my side, but I do wear the Strat higher than I do with anything else... #-o


I hate the tremolo systems, never use them. I'm just going to get a hardtail and throw that on mine.


Some like blondes, some like brunettes, go figure. Personal preferences

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Thanks for all the different insights. I have and American Standard Strat that is a case queen, I rarely get it out and play it. I have three Gibsons and a couple Teles so the Strat stays in the case.


To the original OP. It is your guitar do what you want. Sometimes the mods cost more money than going out and finding a guitar that you like the sounds of. You need to get that sick twisted idea of modding a guitar out of your head and do like the rest of us. Go out and buy another guitar that might have the tone you are looking for, if you do this enough you will find your tone and have a lot of guitars to play.

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