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The right cable for a stereo ES-345


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I presume you have just soldered the two active leads to the active electrode on the mono plug.


You won't cause any damage by doing this so feel free to try it out but you'll most likely find that the pickup switch and tone and volume controls will not work as you would expect. This is because of the way that the Varitone circuit is wired in in the earlier models. The later 345s with two outputs have a built in mono option.


If you want a mono signal, you need to run the two signals into an active device like a mixer.


Have a look at this thread and the links.





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Thank you very much, Robin.

Yes, I have soldered the two active leads to the active electrode on the mono plug, and it works .. exactly the way you told me.


As a matter of fact, I'm gonna think that the right cable for a stereo es-345 TD SV is, finally and definitely, the Y cable.

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Just another question.

The "Y cable" we're referring to for ours 345s and an "insert cable" (as currently named and available in the stores) are exactly the same thing?


Hi Georg,


I presume an insert cable has a stereo jack at one end and two mono jacks at the other and is intended to be used to connect a mixer (stereo jack into the insert socket) to an outboard effect (a mono each into the receive/send sockets). If so, this is equivalent to a Y-cable but you may have issues with robustness, length or sound quality if using it to connect your 345 to an amp or two.


Obviously a cable for connecting two boxes may not be as robust as a regular guitar cable - nor as long.


Also, such cables are often made with cheaper coax that works okay for line level signal (~1 volt) like what comes out of a pre-amp, but may not sound so good with signal level output (~10-100 mV) from a pickup, especially over a longer run.


When I had a stereo-output-only 345, I ran a stereo cable to a simple breakout box, and then mono leads to each amp. I used Canare cable (GS6 for the mono, can’t remember the product code for the stereo) and Neutrik plugs. Canare is a good choice for this application as it is tough and has low capacitance. It costs a few dollars a metre but it’s not stereophile money.







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