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Torn Between Two Lovers....


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Not really. Actually, I'm torn between putting either a SD Seth Lover, Gibson Classic 57, or vintage T-top, in the neck position on my '74 LP Std. I play more classic rock than anything, along with a bit of the blues. No heavy metal, no jazz, although I'll play jazz before I play metal. Anyway, does anyone have any experience with comparing the three pickups? I do like what I heard on a demo of the Seth Lover, but read a lot of good stuff about the Classic 57. The T-top fit goes without saying, they're just a bit pricier, but not out of the question. Any help is appreciated. I know it's subjective. However, if you wanted a pickup in there that would sound closest to John Fogerty's Creedence, and later, stuff, or maybe crunchier Neil Young stuff, which would you pick? Thanks.


Note: My main amp is a MusicMan 210 HD130 with a lot of headroom. Of course it never gets cranked up on "high". And, this pickup will be replacing the vintage Dimarzio Super Distortion that's presently in the neck position, FWIW.

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