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I watched it. I have mixed feelings about it, but we all have opinions I guess.


What exactly is different about Paul Simon's half-built Strat that makes it better for 'high tuning'? Looked pretty straightforward to me.


That strange guy that was playing bottleneck on the Silvertone... odd enough but the comment was made "This is a toy guitar". Really? A good old bare bones Silvertone a "toy guitar"? Was that a comment on it's lack of refinement and therefore it's diminished value as a tool to make music? That's a hot button in my world.


David Lindley is one of my heroes. I don't know if the footage with Jackson Browne was in David's home but there were enough Teiscos laying around so it could have been.... I gave him an old Goya about 25 years ago and hoped to see it laying in the pile somewhere but I have the feeling there are many rooms, cellar and attic, that look the same.


So he breaks his mother's mandola 25+ years ago and he's just now getting around to fixing it? Shame.


I'm still attracted to Carly Simon after almost 40 years.

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