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2005 Faded Nut Width and Replacement


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Hey Everyone!


New to the forum and I just picked up my first Les Paul - its a beautiful 2005 faded. The A string is buzzing and I noticed that the string is pretty much laying against the first fret so the nut slot is too deep. I would like to put a bone nut in there as a replacement anyway (for tone reasons and to fix the A string). That being said, can anybody tell me the exact length of a pre cut nut I would need to get? I was on the stewmac website, but they are not pre slotted. Basically this is my first time looking into a replacement nut, so anyone with prior experience willing to share some information would be great!


Here she is


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Welcome to the forum, +1 for BigKahune . I'm of the opinion that it's something you should not do on that sweet gibby the first time.

I also have a 2005 standard and would not want you to mess it up. Imo they are great guitars,let a pro do it.

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