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Epiphone Chet Atkins Country Gentleman


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I never knew Epi made a Country Gentleman. I believe that was a Grestch model. I'm sure Al or Jerry would know.


Is this what you're looking for:






It's wider than a 335, I don't remember if it's semi-hollow or hollow. What I do remember for sure is that the neck is very wide at the nut, like 1 3/4". Great for Chet-style finger picking, but too wide for my taste.


Why not get a nice black Sheraton???

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Oh; epi did make an Elitist Country Gentleman model ' date=' didnt they ? I had forgot about that. I think that they changed the name of it.[/quote']


When Chet signed with Gibson, Gibby put out their version of the Country Gentleman (along with that Dave Matthews thingy). Chet owned the name, the Gretsch models were changed to Country Classic. In the early Korean years (circa 1989), they produced an Epi version of the Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman called the Country Gentleman II. (Have I confused you yet)??? I think it was made for a just short period of time, but later appeared as part of the Elitist line.


When Chet died, his estate resigned with Gretsch so now Gretsch is in the Country Gentleman business again and the Elitist version is called the Country Deluxe.

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