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Epi Lucille Neck vs Les Paul Neck


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Don't know, about Epi "Lucille's," but I have a Gibson "Lucille," and the

thing I noticed, right away, was that the neck was of more girth, than my Gibson

Les Pauls (any of them) and my Epiphone Riviera. So...I can't really answer your

question, as to "Epiphone" versions, but...with the Gibson's, it probably closer to a

'50's Les Paul. B.B. has very large hands, so it may feel like a typical "Les Paul" neck,

to HIM?! LOL! I have, what I would call "normal sized" (not big, not small) hands,

and "Lucille" is a "handful," for sure...but not uncomfortably so!

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My Epi Lucille's neck feels closer to a Les than any 335 I've played, but like C.B. said it feels chunkier like a vintage style neck. I'd probably call it a "fat C" neck (in Fender terms). It's tough to say since Les necks have seem to come in a variety of sizes over the years, and I've never played a vintage 335 to compare. It is however one of the nicest most comfortable necks I've played, and my hands aren't huge. Hopefully this helps.


- Jay

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