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pickguard for casino elite


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looking online for black or tortoise.

hard to determine which might fit.

those specifically for casino guitar

have no photos.

don't want an actual epiphone pickguard.


does anyone know what specific type/specs i have to

look for?


also thinking of replacing bridge w/tonepros.



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If you want to be sure it's exactly the material you want and it will fit tyour guitar correctly, the best approach is to go to one of the custom pickguard shops, send them your stock pickguard for fit and pick exactly the material you want.


I've used Terrapin Guitars (www.terrapinguitars.com). The fellow there will send you material chips first, to make sure you like the material. Then send him the stock guard and he'll use that as a template and send it back to you with your new guard. He charged me $50 for a large, fairly intricate part, so for a Casino, it might be less. I'd check him out.


Alternatively, there's www.pickguards.us - who makes reissues of just about every maker's guards. He lists all the origins of Casinos on his website, so that might be a shop to check out also. These are less

expensive than a custom guard, but sometimes if you're doing something custom, sonly a custom guard will work.

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hey thanks,


that sounds good.

i wanted something thicker

maybe black, or tortoise.


saw a pic of chuck berry playing a gibson 330

from the 50's and the black pickguard looked nice.

i also use them for support w/some picking techniques.


thanks again,


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