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Strings for Masterbilts


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I have an Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500RE that I restrung with D'Addario EJ17 Phosphor Bronze strings (.013-.056, medium gauge). I don't know what the guitar came strung with, but the sound with the original strings was awesome. These new strings seem to have sucked the life out of this guitar. I've always had good luck with these D'Addario phosphor bronze strings on my other acoustics. Does anyone know what these guitars come strung with from the factory? Thanks.

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You might have to have your guitar set up for med strings. Epiphone's come with light strings.

Med. should have made your guitar louder. (not lifeless)

Sometimes you can go with another gauge without a set up. Sometime not!!

I put D'Addario PB on my AJ500M, & they are very good. Of course I put light's not meds.

I use meds on my SJ200 & they work great.

I would either check & see if your guitar needs to be set up for meds or try a set of D'Addario light PB's.

These strings are great, sounding, & will last much longer than the masterbuilt strings.

Just my $.02 worth of advice.

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