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Question for mod guys

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When you buy these paks with the VJ combo and a guitar, is it easy to get your money back out of them when you want to move on to another project? I would like to do this as well but do not like ebay for selling or buying and I wondered if you just sell in your area or if you have to use the web. Also what should you sell the guitar for....dollar wise, I mean they go for like $230.00 on their own at MF so where do you price it so it's fair to all?

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It's easy to get your money back.. and you could make a few bucks, too.

just check ebay.. you'll compete against 2nds, used and new which are also from guys who got the combo packs.

you should make out on the guitar.


I sold combo for 140.00 with mods plus shipping.

I put grover locking tuners new knobs and sprague orange drops plus level crown and polish on the guitar..


in the end, I may make twenty bucks..


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