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Hey guys,

I have a pretty simple question. My band has its first gig coming up and I was a little curious as to the proper way to mic up my amplifier. I have a line 6 spider III 212 150 watts. The club has a nice pa system with a mixer and all that good stuff. So my question is should I have one mic in the middle of the amp or should I mic each speaker?

Any help would be appreciated.



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One mic, (an SM57 if you have one) placed 2/3 of the distance between the center & the edge (closer to the edge) about 8-12 inches away from of one of the speakers.


Bringing the mic closer to the center of the speaker cone will make it 'brighter'. Bringing the mic closer to the grille will make it 'more bassy'.


Point it, when possible, in a direction 'away from the drummer'.

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