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EVJ Tube & Speaker Upgrades

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Hello guys,


I am looking to upgrade the tubes and speaker on my v3 EVJ. Currently, the tubes are stock, which are EH 12ax7 preamp tube and EL84 Sovtek power tube, and the speaker is the stock Eminence 8'' speaker.


I am looking to get a a more fendery sound (i.e. Hotrod deluxe) out of my amp. What tubes and speaker (type and brand) would you suggest? And if I change my tube types, would I have to bias them?



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JJ El84 is almost always the one people swap to.

I have had hassles with them re: quality control. I got a bad one, twice!


5751 tube for your preamp.. this will have about 30% less gain than a 12ax7.







will have tubes and one of them has a chart of values on preamp tubes. as well as reviews of all.

tubestore, I think.


if you get the 5751 you'll get cleaner tones.. less breakup..sometimes if you search each site, you'll even find a very affordable New Old Stock tube.


You can even reduce the gain further if you want. but I think a 5751 is your best bet.


The speaker has been argued about.. some like it after having tried several others.. some like it much better after it's well broken in..

so first I'd say, having two combos here, give it some time on the speaker.

You could find yourself buying more than one replacement and winding up back where you started.


You don't have to rebias the amp.


Modders all do in the first place, but if it's stock and you aren't into the modding, don't worry about it.


You have epiphones warranty if you just change tubes or speaker.

don't forget to connect the speaker to the right ohms output jack on the amp if you replace it!

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