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SG re-wiring?


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Hello all.


My '97 Epi SG is in need of an electronics upgrade, as the tone pots are now showing very little change through out the range and the volume pots are either silent or full chat.

Question is: Does anyone have any experience of the complete kits from either Mojotone or RS Guitarworks (I want to get back the Angus Young sound). Also, will I need to enlarge the holes in the body to take one of these US kits?


Thanks in advance,



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Both look like as good as anything out there. Meaning, some standard components and lots of snake oil :)


My view is that the electrons don't know or care about clothed wires etc :)

Orande Drops cost some cents apiece, Alpha pots maybe a couple of dollars/euros ..

it's funny how the boutique vendors charge ten times that price for the exactly same electric circuit,

I just read about the test where they compared the sounds of an expensive cable and a wire hanger.

No one could tell the difference...



Btw I have a few Orange Drops coming in for a wah mod, bought a few extra and I'm going to swap the caps on the LP to see if there's any change in the tone compared to the standard caps... It's good to do a sanity check every now and then.

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Look on ebay, I got a gibson sg harness, pots and switch still wired up for 60 bucks. You will have to ream the holes a little bit to get usa pots to fit. If you get a complete assembly you just bolt it up after reaming the holes and wire your pickups and done. I put a 490r/498t combo along with the gibson harness in my faded sg and it's a hard rockin machine.

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if you pm me via here I may be able to give you a better deal than most. maybe any.

It does depend on what you choose..

I'd recommend CTS pots.. I'd say cloth wire is very nice and doesn't cost diddly more.. I use it!

sprague mallory or sozo caps..


I don't know Angus exact set up for electronics. but I'd bet on CTS, Sprague/Mallory, Switchcraft switch, and decent wire for sure.

No sense skimping on pennies re; the wire.


I solder it all for you.. all you have to do is reconnect the pickups and the ground wire to the bridge.


You can shake the whole thing and it wont break. Don't though. That does weaken things. *g*

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