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Question on Emperor Regent


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Hi, Can anyone tell me the guage of the strings that comes by default on this guitar? Are they .12? Would it be worth it to put flatwounds on it?


Also, who makes the pickup for this guitar? Would it be worth it to change it for a Kent Armstong?



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I can partially answer your questions. Don't know about what strings came with the guitar as I changed them as soon as I could. These are the strings I used:


http://www.stringsandbeyond.com/thjabeacjagu.html med light


I did change the pickup to:


Armstrong Handmade Johnny Smith Mini-Humbucker as shown here:




I choose the USA made version instead of the WD Korean made one because I heard the USA one was better.


I think going to flat wound strings made the most difference. The pickup change really did help with the clarity of the sound and reduced some of the mud.


I did end up selling the Regent and I could not bond with it. It did sound great, with the changes, but it was too big of a guitar for me.

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Just in case no one else says it Alexandre, welcome to this forum! You will find a lot of very experienced people who are generous with their time and their information. Hope you have along stay.



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