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Pickups in Epiphone Archtops


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Does anyone know the different types of pickups that are used in Epi Archtops?


The reason I ask is that I have just bought a MIK Dot and the pickups sound really impressive. I use distortion quite often and they sound really meaty. However, I had a Sheraton a few years back, and the pickups on there sounded quite different, still a great guitar though!


Obviously, the Casino has P90s, but what about the Riviera and other semis? In fact, what about the Epi Les Pauls??



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Epiphone has two alnico 5 based pickups; the Alnico Classic and the Alnico Classic Plus (sometimes called 'Hot'). The Archtops get a pair of Classics while the LPs and G400s etc. get the Plus version in the bridge. The Riviera is supposed to have mini humbuckers. Epi also has a pair of ceramic pickups, the 650T and the 700R, that are used in the low-end guitars.


The Plus model tends to lack tone; it's hard to make a hot pickup and keep good sound and the Epi doesn't pull it off. The regular Alnico Classics are better in this respect, so the Dots and Sheratons sound better than the LPs IMO.

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