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Tusq nut for the Casino. What size?


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I'm putting one in as part of a pretty comprehensive upgrade and I'm looking for the right size.


Anyone put one in. I'm looking for a preslotted one.


Actually, an item number would be great.

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1 11/16ths is the Tusq nut that fits my sheraton and according to the supplier fits the casino.


11/16ths converts to 1.69 so... that's definately a fit!


I have them in stock now.. shipping cost would be price of stamp.

pm me if you want one!


7.75 sound ok?

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Hey Patrick. It's me, Dan.


Yeah that one you sent is too big. String spacing and everything. I sent you an email. Maybe it was mispackaged.


Thanks man.


BTW, I got the KAs and the Bigsby on and they look awsome.

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You're kidding. I'll be damned.

Well, no I wont. They will!


That was the graph tech though.. not the tusq, right?

Send 'er back, I'll send you a tusq and make yet another note concerning suppliers...

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By the way forum fans..

Reddog got four new pots from me..

supposed to be 500K. all packaged as 500K said so right there.

did I read the pots themselves? No.

so he got one 3Meg pot.


Now he has to send all his wiring back to be redone..AND he didn't even shoot me.


I don't know what the he** to think about the nut not fitting. advertised as fitting, supplied as fitting. and didn't fit.


new rule. check every single thing from every single aspect because otherwise I wind up looking like an ***.

So if you order from me, from now on, don't expect fancy packaging because I'll have pre opened it.


I've never used a 3Meg pot in my life for anything.

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Be careful. The Casino (and the Supernova for that matter) have thinner necks than the standard Epis such as the Dot or Sheraton so I would not expect the 1 11/16" (1.6875") nut to fit. It's supposed to be 1.625". May not look like much of a difference, but 1/32" hanging off the neck on each side is not going to be pretty.

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