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Peter Green mod update........ Thanks RotcanX and Ricochet

Dr. Killmore

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I just wanted to say that I finished doing the Peter Green magnet flip modification to my Les Paul Standard. It was pretty easy to do following RotcanX's instructions. The only problem that I ran into was getting to the magnet through all the wax. Man, there was alot of wax. It looked like a pickup floating in a Jello mold. I had to take the whole back plate off to get to the magnet. I chipped off some of the wax and flipped the magnet.


I also took Ricochet's advice and reinstalled the pickup upside down to make it look more like Greeny's.


Overall, I have to say that I am really happy with this modification. I am getting some really cool throaty almost vocal like sounds from the middle position. Particularly while palm muting and doing pinch harmonics. I can also, while in the middle position, lower one of the pickup volume knobs just a touch to get a less "out of phase" sound. I am so stoked I have been playing the hell out of this thing. Now all I have to do is get two gold reflector knobs and some knob position markers to complete the vintage Peter Green look. Oh yeah, and 50 years of play wear. which will come in time. I'm not a big fan of unnatural relicing.


Once again, thanks for your help RotcanX and Ricochet.

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