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Hummingbird question


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Hi everyone,I just registered about a week ago and have question. I currently have a guitar that belonged to my brother. He passed away about 15 years ago and I have been hanging onto this guitar ever since. It is a Lyle Hummingbird replica of the Gibson. I remember him having this when I was a child which would make the guitar somewhere about 33 years old. It is still in pretty fair condition though it does need some work done. It has more sentimental value to me than anything. I have always wanted to learn to play. About 3 weeks ago I ended up in the local shop browsing the epiphones. The salesman comes over with a Hummingbird. It was almost an exact replica of the old Lyle. I knew I HAD to have it. The only difference is that the epi has a natural finish. Honestly, it is the only Hummingbird I have seen with a natural finish. I have searched the internet without finding one as well. The salesman at the shop where I made the purchase said there aren't too many naturals made and they are usually purchased rather quickly as people like to see the grain of the wood. So, my question after all of this is "are the Hummingbirds really that scarce with the natural finish or is this a line of BS" and does anyone else here own one and if so, how do you like it ? (btw, I had already made the purchase of the hummingbird 2 weeks before I asked the salesman..not that it matters). Thank you for reading this far and thank you for any help.



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Byrds' date=' It is a Hummingbird indeed. The sticker inside the sound hole lists the model as a Hummingbird NA. I am posting a few pics to let you have a peek. Your thoughts..??









Looks really nice. I had one before I got my Gibson Hummingbird. It sounded ok but looked really cheap the redish color made it look toylike.


If I had something that looked like this I would still have it.


Great looking guitar and the first one I have seen. How does it sound?

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Byrds' date='

this hummingbird is a dream to play. The sound is rich and full. The tones are there. Also, it seems very easy to play (even for a beginner like me).[/quote']


Looks really nice. I will have to start checking the dealers around to see if they get any in.


I think you did really well on this one!

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