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just played my casino: now thinking P90s in Joe Pass?


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after a thoroughly enjoyable bit of playing my MIK casino through a silverface vibro champ,

I am thinking of P90s for my Joe Pass...the guitar was made in 1994 and the PUs are apparently

stock (no ID markings)...they are OK and admittedly the guitar needs a set-up, but they

kind of sound thin (I have played w/ height and pole piece adjustment)...


I know layboomo modified his, but I can't find the thread using the search function...


GFS Mean 90s in the bridge and neck? or 1 Mean 90 and 1 Vintage 59? if so, which one in the neck

and which in the bridge?


I have an SG and LP Standard Elitist, so humbuckers are taken care of...



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dubstar, him say:

I have an SG and LP Standard Elitist, so humbuckers are taken care of...


Ah, but humbuckers on a hollowbody are a whole 'nother thing than humbuckers on a solid --- just as P-90's on a hollow-bodied Casino yield very different results from a slab like an LP junior.


You complain that the stock pickups "kind of sound thin," which suggests you want a fatter, fuller tone. P-90's will give you more edge, bite and growl, but won't necessarily sound fuller or fatter. Some upgraded humbuckers might be closer to what you're after --- or you might consider something in between, like GFS Retrotrons, Gretsch Filtertrons, or TV Jones. Lots of options, all of them valid, but the only way to know for sure which will give you the sound that makes your ears smile is to try out lots ---- preferably on a platform similar to the one you're considering modifying (in this case a 16" hollowbody with a 24.75" scale).

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