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fuzzy distortion


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My mods to my Vj so far. C4 at 3.3uF. 1meg resistor parrallel to R7. JJ EL84 and Tungsol 12AX7. R6 on a switch. Cut cap on a switch 347pF. JP1 on a switch. The clean tone is amazing. The light gain where i use it most is awesome at about 11:00-1:00. After that it sounds very buzzy and almost like a fuzz. It sounds this way especially with the R6 switch on for a boost. I like the character of the tone at these levels. the treb mid and bass all sound good and it cleans up good but the character of the distortion is to buzzy. How can i smooth this out a bit and make it more natural sounding.

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terminology varies.. some call it fizz instead of fuzz..

but the conjunctive filter is a pretty easy mod that tames that buzziness and hornet sound down quite a bit.


also.. time to break in the thing helps there, too.. so lots of playing is good.

5751 tube reduces gain and changes the dist. tones and character a bit, as well.

you have some changes I don't have so I'll stop here!

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