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I bought one from Germany earlier this year, after much searching.

They're currently really hard to get hold of in the U.K.


I love it! The tone is gorgeous and, the black one which is what I have, is without doubt the coolest looking Bass on the market. The factory action is a little high, I might have it adjusted at some point but it's a joy to play.


Buy One!


The Epiphone case for it isn't up to much though, you might want to consider something more robust.

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I've had one about 2 years and I love it. It has a different tone than a Fender, warm, rich and full, with lots of detail and response to fingerstyle playing. I especially like it for playing with acoustic instruments or where an acoustic bass tone would suit. It packs plenty of punch, though, too when I want it, and I've used it for reggae and R&B very effectively also. (my personal preference is the gold top).


Out of respect for a great musician, though, let's spell his name right: "Casady" is the bassist, "Cassidy" is either a legendary beat poet (Neal) a pop icon (David), or a 50's cowboy star (Hopalong).O:)

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As Parabar said in terms of tone, i've had my gold one for four years and gigged it countless times. It is pretty much suited to every style except Popping and Slapping- which I hate the sound of anyway (probably 'cos I can't do it!! Arf.) It sounds so rich and warm with fingers, I D.I. into my yamaha 16 track and it sounds stunning. Played with a Pick it also packs a mighty punch.


However, its neck is a lot thicker than on a Fender Bass, I also pack mine with heavier strings making it a slightly harder Bass to play- me and my bandmates swap instruments a lot and they can only just take the pain because it sounds so damn good!


I think its a great instrument and looks cool as f**k too.

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I am now in the Casady club!, mine arrived today. :-({|=/ :-k/ :D/

I will reiterate all the comments on tone and playability, I love it.

I believe my favorite setting is going to be with the switch on 500 with

the tone rolled all the way off,we will see when I take it to band practice.

it has roundwounds on it right now,but I really think a set of flats will bring out a nice

fat woody tone.



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i've had the ebony one for around 15 months. replaced the rounds with flats (fender P100-45) which has eliminated string 'rattle' and given a more mellow rounder tone (but has reduced the tonal range too). then had to adjust neck torsion and had the action set up properly and it plays better than ever now.


does your volume control roll off completely? mine didn't, and nor did the others i tried in the shop. is this a design fault?


have just replaced it with a dimazio pot, but something weird is going on -- there's a capacitor and resistor across two of the pot lugs and now the volume control is completely flat -- it acts like an on-off switch. does anyone have a wiring diagram they could send?


your advice appreciated ...

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