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Checking Grounds with Multimeter?

geetar playr

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Hey all,

How do you use a multimeter to check if wiring is properly grounded?

Can someone give me the newbie, step-by-step process?

I have a bad ground in one of my guitars. When I touch the metal pickup mount on either bridge or neck, its buzzes bad.

Someone told me to get a multimeter and check grounds, as this was the issue.

Yeah, I installed these pups myself...first time doing so...8-[

Could it be a cold solder on the ground connection?

Alright, any assistance for a newbie with a soldering gun would be appreciated!

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if your multimeter can check for continuity use that setting, put one lead to a ground in the guitar then check all the other leads with the other lead, both of my ideals and my fluke multimeters have a tone when i am checking for continuity on grounds...

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