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EMG replacement question....


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Sorry for all my random posts, just trying to get completely ready for some mods on my guitar for as little headache as possible. I'm looking at getting some EMG active pickups in my LP custom. I understand that the pickups come with new pots to use with their product. Will I have any issues with shaft height for this project or should I go ahead and also grab the longer/shorter shaft pots that they offer? Just seeing if any members have done this mod on this board and what they encountered. Thanks again in advance and I promise pics when I'm done.

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the regular pots that come with the EMGs are fine.

since u already have the guitar, just remove the original pot and see if they're long or short...not that hard right.


heres my '02 LP custom plus fitted with EMGs.



as for the knobs, no idea cos i gave away the original speed knobs.

basically i dont like speed knobs and rather have metal dome knobs.

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