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Pickup covers.


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Yes, this can be done.

Measure the distance from the heart of the 1st pole to the heart of the 6th pole.

This distance varies with different pickup makes and manufacturers.


Covers available generally cater to 49,2mm, 50mm, 52.8mm string spacing distances. With the latter being a Fender type stringspacing.


You'll need to do your own conversion to the appropiate imperial inches.

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The way I see it, Seymour has a good reason for making his pickups without covers. Personally I find that adding covers detracts from the pickup's sound... and I can't see the logic in degrading your sound for purely cosmetic reasons. Sure, it's nice to have lots of shiny chrome (or gold) on a guitar but not if it's going to be to the detriment of your tone. Basically, if you have an urge to chrome-plate stuff, maybe you should get a Harley. :- But that's just my POV; after all it's up to you.

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