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The weight varies a little. My Epi LP Standard clocks in around 9lbs., the Epi LP Custom weighs slightly less. (The weight variation may also have a bit to do with the pups as the standard has the stock Epi pickups and the custom has the Burstbuckers which oddly enough, weigh less...


My Gibson LP Studio clocks in around 9lbs as well. (But then again, I've got a Fender HWY 1 which clocks in at almost 8 lbs and the '68 Reissue which clocks in...at around 6lbs.)


AT first I didn't care much for the weight but after a while it's kind of reassuring. It's almost at the point now where if the weight isn't there, I don't feel as comftorable playing it.


It sort of...makes me want to go out and get a guitar that weighs between 10-12lbs.....



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Dave' date='

I have a vision (in my mind's eye) of an Epi LP Goldtop sitting in the seat next to the UPS man playing the

blues and asking him.."When are we going to get there?" =D> [/quote']


That's funny! The UPS tracking page showed "out for delivery" at 7:30am and he didn't get to me until after 2:00pm. I'll bet she was ripped. "I've been riding in this hot truck all day with no lunch and you better find his house quick or I'll start screaming!" And then she started playing the Hendrix version of "The Star Spangled Banner". That's when he fired up the GPS and headed toward my house.

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