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335 ES and The Paul


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"Honestly, this guitar sounds almost identical to a Gibson 335. I say almost because it is a bit brighter then the original. Only a bit though! Also, since this guitar is made of all mahogany & has a set neck, the Mercury 009’s sustain in increased even more and produces a even warmer sound."


"The neck on this beauty is as fast as you are. The necks profile is dead on with Gibson's 60's style slim taper necks."




what say you all?

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ok, We are all aware that they (fakes) are out there. This IS a Gibson sponsored

Epiphone forum, where we are given enough latitude by the censors to

discuss Epiphones, their higher priced cousins and other traditional established

makes (if required).


We have enough trolls as it is. Let's not allow this forum to deteroriate by promoting e-bay for sale items that don't belong on this forum.

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I'm not promoting anything.

Whatever gave you that idea?


We just had a fairly good thread about how a guy bought a fake, fixed it up, and found it was nothing more than a wall decoration.


The quesitons here, if you take the time to read the post.. has to do with using ES 335 and 'the paul' in their ads.

For starters.

If I put 'fender' on a fake, or strat or tele.. ebay will take that auction down.

So why can't gibson/epiphone do the same when their trademark is abused?


then there are are references to gibson and this guitar being as fast, exactly like, etc.


I think the moderators can handle this.

Do you go around pretending to be a policeman when you get bored, too?


And while I'm still in the mood you gave me, where do you get off calling me a troll?

what do you mean 'items that don't belong'?

Are there not several other posts over many months addressing just this issue?


Lighten up dude.

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