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What is this thing?


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I got this at a yard sale a while back for $20. that's probably about as much as it's worth but what is it? I've spent hours on line trying to track down anything like it.

When I got it it was spray painted gray and it looked like someone used a rusty gouge to remove the original finish. Then they used a sharpie to color the pick up casings black and put what ever volume knobs they had handy (as seen in picture, a yellow LP type on V and a chrome on T)

I tried to clean it up, painted it white (i'm guessing it was originally red) got it set up. Plays OK.

First I thought it was a "frankenstein" but the pickguard leads me to believe that it's an original because the shape fits the guitar and obviously has the "E". Not sure if you can see a coil tap switch, sorry, the pix are a bit shoddy. Has a trem arm & cover plate for the bridge (not shown). Anybody know? I'm burning with curiosity...




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sorry' date=' but it sorta looks mutated. I mean, i also have a fender strat and it looks like it has a fender strat body but yet an epiphone neck. Sorry, ik this isn't 2 helpful, but i'm just giving u any thoughts that i have.


when u find out what it is, tell me.



like I said, it's an epiphone 270...here's a link to the original catalog:





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